TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks- Week 15

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Arrgh, Already down one game because I forgot to post my Week 15 picks after going 8-8 last week.  Guess this trainwreck of a Texans season combined with other drama is catching up with me. 

I had a three game lead going into this week, but this is the second time this season I've failed to pick a game, and if it costs me my threepeat, I will be extremely upset about it

We also have two Saturday NFL games now that the regular college football season is over

So lets get to this week's NFL picks.   Team I'm picking to win in bold print with home team in CAPS.   Mike's picks can be viewed here.

Week 14 Results                                                                2017 NFL Season 
TransGriot   8-8                                                                  TransGriot  131-77
Mike            8-8                                                                  Mike           128-80

Thursday Night Game 
Broncos vs COLTS (25-13 Broncos)

Saturday Games
LIONS over Bears
CHIEFS over Chargers 

Sunday Early Games
Eagles over GIANTS
VIKINGS over Bengals
Ravens over BROWNS
JAGUARS over Texans
PANTHERS over Packers
WASHINGTON over Cardinals
SAINTS over Jets
BILLS over Dolphins

Sunday Afternoon Games
Rams over SEAHAWKS
Titans over 49ERS 
Patriots over STEELERS

Sunday Night Game
Cowboys over RAIDERS

Monday Night Game 
Falcons over BUCCANEERS

Happy Birthday Kortney!

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Definitely had to take a moment to give a TransGriot shout out to another one of the trailblazing trans brothers in our midst that I have mad love and respect for in Dr. Kortney Ziegler. 

Kortney was recently named to the 40 under 40 list of people making a name for themselves in various fields in the East Bay, and has also been named to the Root 100.

Kourtney is the director of the award winning documentary Still Black: A Portrait Of Black Transmen, and in 2013 created Trans* H4CK, that creates tech applications to solve real world problems in the trans community

Now he and Tiffany Mikell are the creative minds behind an app called Appolition, which allows people to use their spare change to help bail Black people out of jail. 

So when he says he's on his way to becoming a multimillionaire, I believe him based on his past track record. 

Happy birthday Kortney!   May you have many more and keep on doing amazing things for our communty.. 

Shut Up Fool Awards- Ten Days Until Christmas Edition

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We're now just ten days away from Christmas Day, and I already received one of my Christmas presents early in Doug Jones being the senator elect from Alabama.

It's also Friday, and time to handle my usual Friday blog business of calling this week's fool out. 

Just an FYI, surf by TransGriot on New Year's Eve to find out who the 2017 Shut Up Fool of the Year will be.   Yeah, I could give it to 2015-16 SUF of the Year winner Donald Trump for the third straight year, but I need to give it to someone else, and you can nominate deserving fools who should receive this distinguished award until December 25.

It's Friday so without further delay or jibber jabber it time to get to this week's Shut Up Fool Award weekly winner. 

Honorable mention number one is FCC Azzhole Chairman Ajit Pai, who along with two other Republicans voted to repeal Net Neutrality, then mocked people to which this subject is near and dear to their hearts in a video  .

Honorable mention number two is Kevin Swanson, who blamed Roy Moore's loos on Alabama voters reluctant to give up their porn 

Any excuse will do when you right wing white evilgelicals lose, huh?

Honorable mention number three is Stacey Dash.  After spending all of last year being paid by FOX Noise to diss Black people until her azz got fired in January, now dash is trying to get her Black card back by appearing in a movie produced by her cousin Damon, a fact that   

Honorable mention number four is our old friend and kneegrow sellout Jesse Lee Peterson, who had the nerve to let pass through his lips on his radio show that Alabama Black folks 'don't believe in God' because they overwhelmingly voted for Doug Jones. 

Just an FYI Jesse:  95% of Alabama Black evangelicals voted for Jones.

Conservakneegrow please!   You spent too much time on that Alabama plantation as a child and are definitely in the NOT WOKE category.  Have a whole section of seats at the LA Coliseum for saying something that gobsmackingly stupid. 

Honorable mention number five is Roy Moore, for not only being a sore lose for refusing to concede to Jones, but blaming TBLGQ people everybody but his pedophile racist self for his loss. 

Image result for OmarosaThis week's winner in a close race is Omarosa Manigault Newman

Omarosa resigned got fired from her cushy six figure White House job cooning it up for Trump to the gleeful cheers of Black America.   

She went on Good Morning America and made the mistake of trying to pick a fight with Robin Roberts, who has whipped cancer's azz twice and definitely ain't 'scurred;' of you. 

She also tried to tell the lie that she was only trying to help the Black Community by joining the Trump misadministration.   Tramp the only Black person you helped with that move was yourself.

Also what 'Black Woman Civil War' are you talking about Boo Boo Kitty?   98% of Black women aren't Republicans, and don't like your behind as Angela Rye gleefully demonstrated.  . 

Neither did they sell out our community like you did. 

So sit your azz down and shut the hell up , fool 

Happy Milestone Birthday, Dainna

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One of the first people I met when I was beginning my journey toward getting involved at a national level in trans advocacy work was a Colorado resident by the name of Dainna Cicotello.

I met this veteran and trans elder during the 1999 Southern Comfort Conference I attended, and got reacquainted with her during the 2000 SCC event and the 2000 IFGE Conference, but her work in the community in the late 1980's early 1990's predates my encounters with her.   

I also met her amazing daughter Laurie during that 2000 IFGE Conference in Washington DC, and we still are friends to this day.   During the 2015 Creating Change event that was held in Denver, one of the Denver area peeps I got the opportunity to have dinner with were the Ciccotellos.   They were also present at Fantasia Fair when I received the Virginia Prince from that organization . 

Dainna attended the Houston based ICTLEP conferences, taught seminars on various subjects, and was part of the working group that sought as a goal to create a precise definition under the transgender umbrella that would satisfy the constituent groups at the time.

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Dainna has taught Trans 101 for many organizations and colleges in the Denver area, and was one of my trans advocacy mentors.

She's had a rough couple of years in terms of losing her longtime spouse after 47 years together, and as I write this is currently hospitalized.    She's proven to be a tough cookie with remarkable bounceback powers in addition to being a wonderful human being.

Today is Dainna's milestone 70th birthday, and I wanted to take a moment to wish her a very happy birthday and express the hope that she celebrates many more of them in the near future..

Number 24- Rest In Power Brandi Seals

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Still haven't hit Christmas Day yet and my sisters are still dying due to anti-trans violence.   The latest trans person to die in 2017 not only is in my home state, but my hometown of Houston

26 year old Brandi Seals was found dead in front of a SE Houston home under construction at Brandon and Red Bud Streets in the Sunnyside neighborhood early Wednesday morning at approximately 6:00 AM.   One person reported hearing six gunshots before Brandi's body was discovered.

And as you probably guessed, FOX 26's John Donnelly  horribly botched the reporting in this story.  The initial reporting was so horrible he neglected to get Brandi's age, or say in the story where her body was found. 

A mere blogger found that out doing the basic 101 level reporting Donnelly failed to do.

But he sure had no trouble misgendering Brandi or shadily injecting prostitution into it .

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I also had a serious problem with the HPD detective Fil Waters referring to Brandi on air as 'a man dressed in women's clothes'    Brandi is not a 'he' or a 'man', she is a transgender woman.

Brandi is the 24th trans person killed in the US in 2017 . She was also the 18th Black trans person (17 trans feminine) killed in 2017 and the fourth trans person in Texas this year. 

And once again in a patter that continues to infuriate and disgust me, she was under age 30.

As of yet, speaking of HPD they have no leads in finding Brandi's killer, so if you do have any information that will lead to the expeditious arrest, prosecution and incarceration of her killer, you can call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477)

Two vigils are being planned.   One is being organized by Dee Dee Watters at  the Sunnyside location where Brandi died starting at 7 PM tonight.   Another will take place at City Hall at 5 PM Friday 

Rest in Power and peace Brandi.   We will not rest until the person who killed you apprehended, prosecuted and is rotting away in a TDC jail cell. 

Omarosa, You're Fired!

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This week's news just keeps getting better.

In the wake of the massive rebuke of Roy Moore by Alabama Black voters that led to the historic election of Doug Jones to the US Senate, now comes the news broken by April Ryan from inside I-495 that the Trump Misadministration's kneegroid spokesellout Omarosa Manigault Newman has been kicked to the WH  curb.

Y'all know how much I love CNN pundit and commentator Angela Rye, and she of course gleefully had fun with the news.

And now it's time for me, like Angela Rye, to be gleefully petty to a community sellout whose Black card is under review.


I love it when sellouts to our community get the karmic kick in their ample posteriors they deserve, and I'm also pleased as a taxpayer we are no longer paying $180,000 of our tax dollars for her to do nothing but provide melanin for Trump Administration photo ops.

And now, to end this post, let's let 45 sum it up

Trans Americans Will Be Allowed To Enlist on January 1

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Despite Trump and his white supremacist fundie allies desires to mess with our ability to serve our country, on January 1, 2018 the Pentagon will allow any qualified transgender American to enlist in the US Armed Forces. 

You will have to have been on hormones for 18 months to do so.

Trans people serve  in our armed forces at a higher rate than our cis counterparts, and there are currently over 15,500 active duty trans people serving our country in various capacities. 

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There are several lawsuits pending to squash the Trump transgender service ban he announced via Twitter back in July.   Two US district federal court judges have already ruled against the ban and shut down a last ditch attempt by the Trump administration to keep transgender Americans from enlisting as the cases wind their way through the federal judiciary.

Pentagon spokesperson Maj. David Eastburn stated that the enlistment of trans American citizens would commence on January 1 and would continue even as the cases are litigated in the federal court system.

So if you're a trans person who meets the qualifications for service in our armed forces and wish to do, then you can head to your nearest recruiting center to start the process.

Sweet Win In Alabama!

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'I'm betting on Black Alabamians shocking the world despite every GOP attempt to suppress their votes and hopefully carrying Doug Jones to victory.'
-TransGriot,  December 12, 2017

Told y'all.  Congrats to US Senator-elect Doug Jones   You can never go wrong betting on the Black vote, and especially Black women voters.  When properly motivated and turned out, they are the most reliable voting bloc in the liberal-progressive coalition and power Democratic election wins. 

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They proved it in Virginia last month and now in Alabama.   Black women voted at a 98% clip for Jones, and Black men in the state were just behind them at 92%   

And where were white women?   Voting for the GOP pedophile at a 65% clip

So let me say this louder for the fauxgressives in the back who seem to be confused about who is the undisputed base voter of the Democratic Party that will lead us to 2018 victory.

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It is undeniably Black women.   So time to get in formation in 2018 and let Black women lead you to victory in 2018 and beyond

So when are you Democratic Party going to invest in maximizing turnout of Black voters, ending voter suppression, and stop wasting your time on lukewarm independents who ain't loyal to you?

Anyway, that's a subject for another post, but tonight is one for celebrating this huge win and witnessing the first Democrat to be elected as a US senator repping Alabama in 25 years.

Here's Senator-elect Doug Jones' victory speech

Moral Gut Check Election Day In Alabama

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Well Alabama, once again, just as it was during the Civil Rights Movement, the eyes of the nation and the world are upon you. 

This time it is a morality check moment for your state.   Will you elect an ignorant pedophile to the US Senate in Roy Moore, or will you elect  Doug Jones, a man who sent to jail the people who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church and is more moral than the person who claims he is?

Even the Log Cabin Sellouts Republicans, who never miss an opportunity to sell the LGBTQ community for their tax cuts, considered Roy Moore too reprehensible to support and ran an ad attacking him.

Alabama native Condoleezza Rice has also put country over party, calling for her fellow Alabamians to 'reject bigotry, sexism  and intolerance.'

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Alabama Black community, it's nation time.   Will you step up, show up in massive numbers at the polls and show off to the world the awesome power of the Black vote that Alabama Republicans fear so much they have desperately tried to suppress it?

I know Daroneshia Duncan and my homegirls in Magic City are planning to bumrush the polls today.   How about the rest of you Alabama Black SGL and cis community?  Make the rest of Black America proud.

If you're registered to vote in Alabama, you have until 7 PM CST to cast those critically important votes. If it hits 7 PM and you're still in line to vote, don't leave. Stay until you get to vote.Do what you need to do to handle your election business because the Alabama Republicans will use every dirty suppression trick to keep you from voting.

They have a long history of voter suppression and are a major reason why the Voting Rights Act was passed in the first place back in 1965.

I'm betting on Black Alabamians shocking the world despite every GOP attempt to suppress their votes and hopefully carrying Doug Jones to victory.

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We' and the world will know in a few hours which road you took.   Did you elect the Democrat with integrity to represent you in the US Senate or the Satan's helper Republican?

Dylan and Finn Make Their Texas Lege Races Official

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Today is the last day you can file to run for office for the upcoming Texas primary elections in March 2018.  Over the weekend people were either signing their paperwork to run for office or starting to hold events to get their name out there in advance of the primaries

In the wake of many Texas trans people (myself included) being majorly pissed off about the Republican legislative attack on us that we stopped in the 2017 regular and Special Oppression Session, it has motivated many of us to either seriously think about running for office or actually do so.

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Finn Jones and Dylan Forbis are two of the Texas trans people who are running for the Texas Legislature in the 2018 cycle.   Dylan and Finn have made it official in signing their paperwork and paying the filing fees in order to officially run for office.

As a reminder ,Jones is running in HD 94 in north Texas against incumber Republican Tony.Tinderholt, and on this end of I-45 Forbis is running in HD 29 against Republican incumbent Ed Thompson.

Forbis has a contested Democratic HB 29 primary to navigate before he can take on Thompson and as of yet haven't found out if Jones has the same situation

But the most important thing is that both men are running for office, and with support from the voter of those respective districts, they will win and #TransformPolitics in Texas.